The company

EDIA contributes to the development not only of the region but also of the country. It is a strategic reference as manager of the Alqueva Multi-purpose Undertaking and a relevant instrument for boosting the economy.

Until the gates of the Alqueva closed and its reservoir filled, EDIA was responsible for building the infrastructures.

Aware of its role in the region it was oriented towards business in order to associate centres of development with the Alqueva Project.

Today, EDIA is recognised in Portugal and abroad as a solid, strategic company that is vital to the project and ensures the profitability of its agricultural component in order to promote the region as an area of reference for new investments and setting up bridges between investors and local entrepreneurs with a view to partnerships in different business areas. It is also directly responsible for designing, building and operating the Alqueva Multi-purpose Undertaking infrastructures.

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