EDIA’s head office building offers Beja another source of culture. EDIA believes that the concept of development is broader than the physical construction of infrastructures in the Alqueva Multi-purpose Undertaking. It extends beyond building and shares the ideal of watching all aspects of the future grow in harmony.



8,650 year old archaeological profile


An 8,650 year old archaeological profile is currently on display at EDIA’s head office in Beja.

The exhibition is entitled “Barca do Xerez de Baixo: testimony rescued from history” and shows an archaeological profile that EDIA’s staff and the archaeological team recovered at the site, giving visitors the opportunity to see this exceptional find and learn the history of its rescue.

The site is in particular focus because of its antiquity, scientific importance and especially its state of preservation. It is a camp site used 8,650 years ago by prehistoric hunter-gatherers. Several camp fires were identified and large numbers of animal bone fragments were collected, many of them burnt, along with flaked stone utensils.

This exhibition will be open to the public until March 2014 and follows on from the 2nd series of the Memórias D’Odiana collection..

Giving Objects a Voice

Giving Objects a Voice is a Luz Museum project to document its ethnographic collection with the voices of its donors or of people familiar with their uses and to build narratives of their life history that take us into the community.

Giving Objects a Voice at EDIA’s head office is changed every four months.

Art in a different perspective - 12th Edition

An uncompromising vision of the world and life, in a total of 22 works done by 5 users of the Beja Cerebral Palsy Center, makes up the 12th edition of the exhibition "Art in a Different Perspective", organized by EDIA.

For those young people that, year after year develop their artwork, this annual exhibition is like a ritual. The exhibition will be open to the public until Dec. 20, allowing, those who which to acquire these paintings as a Christmas gift to do so.

The partnership with the Beja Cerebral Palsy Center has the objective of stimulating the intellectual development of the Centre users and also reinforcing their integration and social inclusion.

The revenues from the sale of these paintings are fully transferred to the Beja Cerebral Palsy Center.

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