Through the newsletter Quality Water for Irrigation EDIA provides information about the quality of water in reservoirs of Alqueva and Pedrogao, which constitute the source of water of the system.

Two newsletters are published each year, one in March / April with the start of the irrigation season of summer crops and which contains the results of the January campaign, and another in July / August before the start of the season of winter crops and with the results of May campaign.

The newsletter reports the results of the most relevant parameters for the use of irrigation water.

» Alqueva reservoir

» Pedrógão reservoir

» Alvito reservoir

» Amoreira reservoir

» Brinches reservoir

» Caliços reservoir

» Furta-Galinhas reservoir

» Cinco-Reis reservoir

» Laje reservoir

» Loureiro reservoir

» Penedrão reservoir

» Pias reservoir

» Pisão reservoir

» São Pedro reservoir

» Serpa reservoir

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