Management of infrastructures

The Alqueva Multi-purpose Undertaking (EFMA), with its area of around 120,000 ha of irrigation area, has high potential for agricultural development not only for the region, but also for the rest of the country, as it will double the public irrigation area in Portugal.

EDIA has the concession for management, maintenance and conservation of the primary network and the secondary network of the Alqueva undertaking, which enables it to manage their infrastructures fully and sustainably and maintain a fair price in the different irrigation perimeters in spite of different operating costs.

The Alqueva irrigation perimeters are remotely managed and provide EDIA with up-to-date information and guarantee that farmers have the water they need to operate.

EDIA has multidisciplinary teams to ensure that the system is fully operational.

Contacts with farmers are direct, based on a policy of proximity and solutions that guarantee efficient water use.

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