Promotion of irrigation

The Alqueva Multi-purpose Undertaking (EFMA) in the south of Portugal is Europe's latest irrigation project and offers excellent conditions for agriculturally and environmentally sustainable crop systems.

Around 120,000 hectares of irrigation area have been set up in a region where soils are highly suitable for irrigation, the number of hours of sun is above the European average and the climate and the availability of water offer unique characteristics for great agricultural potential. It is a combination of variables that give the region undeniable competitive advantages.

Alqueva is the new paradigm of modern agriculture in Portugal. The conditions it offers are unique and clearly competitive.

The space, size of the project, guaranteed water from one year to the next, the climate and management close to farmers are the factors that distinguish Alqueva from other projects, even at European level.

EDIA has a highly specialised team for monitoring and assisting new agricultural projects with in-depth knowledge of all the region's agricultural holdings and its beneficiaries and their expectations and intentions in terms of irrigation. If we cross-reference this information with support systems for the best crop options for the region, we can say with certainty that we are able to provide a service of great added value to everyone wishing to take advantage of this great project. 

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