Fauna, Flora and Vegetation


Biodiversity safeguards basic resources and environmental services, promotes agricultural and forest productivity, purifies the air and helps to regulate the climate.

Biological variables are excellent indicators of the status of the environment and the information gathered during their monitoring should be used in management policies to facilitate decision-making and response to impacts of system changes and define minimisation measures.

EDIA is aware of its importance and the need of having more knowledge to help in its management and has been working to monitoring fauna, flora and vegetation in the different phases of implementation of the Alqueva Multipurpose Project.

EDIA’s monitoring programmes are as follows:

  • Monitoring of birdlife in Alqueva-Pedrógão System and irrigation perimeters
  • Monitoring efficacy of barrier effect and trap effect minimisation measures
  • Monitoring of Linaria ricardoi in the secondary irrigation network
  • Monitoring of flora in the areas around the primary and secondary network infrastructures
  • Monitoring the fish passage device in the Pedrógão Dam