Construction of infrastructures

As manager of the Alqueva project, EDIA’s mission is to boost the economy, social development and environmental preservation by working towards making the most of the territory and water resources and promoting irrigation.

EFMA, Alqueva Multipurpose Project, consists of a group of infrastructures. Alqueva Reservoir is the heart of the project as it is able to guarantee self-sufficiency for four consecutive years of drought.

Unit: ha
Infrastructures Up to 2015 No. of ha Total
Current Contracts 29,938
Tenders in 2015
(actual and scheduled)
Tenders in 2016 a) 5,500
Total 87,055 35,438 122,493

a) bordering areas

In the actual campaigne, EDIA has 120,000 ha of irrigation land, the total planned in the project.

Meanwhile it is being considered the possibility of increasing the irrigation area of more 45 000 ha. For this implementing projects and environmental impact studies of some bordering areas are being developed.

Construção de infraestruturas

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