EDIA – Volunteering

The region’s development is one of EDIA’s main aims, in which development can be defined as the ability to add, improve or optimise something physically, intellectually, morally, socially or economically.

EDIA – Volunteering activities are designed to meet the needs of the target organisations and are performed by groups of EDIA employees and volunteers.

The latest activity was in partnership with Restolho, a project undertaken by AGROMAIS, Federação Portuguesa dos Bancos Alimentares Contra a Fome (FPBACF) and ENTRAJUDA and based on the idea “a second harvest so nothing is lost”, totally distinctive in the fight against food waste.

The result was 650 kg of onions and 275 kg of tomatoes to be handed out by the Food Bank.

While we are aware that we cannot meet all the needs, we feel that our small contribution definitely helps some people.