Quality water for irrigation

Through the newsletter Quality Water for Irrigation EDIA provides information about the quality of water in reservoirs of Alqueva and Pedrogão, which constitute the source of water of the system.

Two newsletters are published each year, one in March / April with the start of the irrigation season of summer crops and which contains the results of the January campaign, and another in July / August before the start of the season of winter crops and with the results of May campaign.

The newsletter reports the results of the most relevant parameters for the use of irrigation water.

Water Quality for Irrigation
(sampling station)

Perimeters Benefited

Irrigated Perimeters

»  Alqueva Reservoir   


» Alvito Reservoir

Alvito-Pisão Cuba Oeste 1; Cuba Oeste 2; Cuba este 1; Cuba Este 2; Faro; Vidigueira 1; Vidigueira 2


Beringel-Beja Álamo; Beringel Gravítico; Beringel Elevatório


Ervidel Bloco 1


Ferreira Valbom, Ferreira; Figueirinha


Vale de Gaio Torrão; Baronia Alto; Baronia Baixo; Barras; Alvito Baixo; Alvito Alto


Cuba-Odivelas Cuba-Odivelas

» Amoreira Reservoir

Orada-Amoreira Orada; Hortinhas


Caliços-Moura Moura Gravítico; Alvarrão

» Brinches Reservoir

Brinches Pias; Brinches Sul; Cangueiros; Navegadas


Brinches-Enxoé Serpa-Pias 1

» Caliços Reservoir

Pias Figueiral Gravítico; Pias Gravítico


Sesmarias; Atalaia; Panasco

» Pias Reservoir

Pias Figueiral Alto; Pias Alto

» Furta Galinhas Reservoir

Caliços-Machados Furta Galinhas

» Cinco Reis Reservoir

Beringel-Beja Beja

Cinco Reis-Trindade

Cinco Reis; Chancuda; Trindade

» Loureiro Reservoir

Monte Novo Bloco 1.2; Bloco 4.a; Bloco 4.2; Bloco 4.1; Bloco 2; Bloco 3; Bloco 1.1
  Loureiro-Alvito Loureiro-Alvito
  Évora Évora

» Pedrógão Reservoir

Pedrógão Pedrógão 1; Pedrógão 2; Pedrógão 3; Selmes 1; Selmes 2; Selmes 3; Selmes 4; Selmes 5; Quinta de São Pedro


Várzea; Charneca; Contendinha; Magoita

» São Pedro Reservoir

São Matias Bloco 1; Bloco 2; Bloco 3; Bloco 4

São Pedro-Baleizão

São Pedro-Baleizão Norte; São Pedro-Baleizão Sul; Magra

São Pedro-Quintos

Bloco1; Bloco 2; Bloco 3; Bloco 4; Bloco 5
» Penedrão Reservoir


Bloco 2; Bloco 3
» Pisão Reservoir


Bloco1; Bloco 2; Bloco 3


Alfundão Alto; Alfundão Baixo
» Serpa Reservoir


Serpa Norte Alta; Serpa Norte Baixa; Serpa Sul
» Laje Reservoir 


Serpa-Pias 2; Serpa-Pias 3
» Roxo Reservoir




Rio de Moinhos Zona1; Zona 2; Zona 3



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