The SISAP crop suitability support system is a programme developed by EDIA and the Department of Agriculture at Instituto Superior de Agronomia to organise all relevant information and methods for determining crop suitability in the Alqueva’s catchment area, associated with environmental sustainability and economic feasibility.

Technical, economic and environmental suitability for one or more crops is established in accordance with a key of four classifications: unsuitable, low suitability, moderate suitability and high suitability.

The programme operates in Alentejo (mostly in the Beja and Évora districts) and covers an area of around 920,000 hectares and it’s possible to identify land with the best technical, economic and environmental suitability for a certain crop.

The programme (only available in Portuguese) can also help choose locations for potential agro-industrial units, as it is linked to an geographical information system so that it can relate crop suitability to other important parameters.

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