EDIA has a department that has been operating for more than 15 years and specifically handles the expropriation of properties necessary for timely construction of EFMA structures under contracts in which the company is involved.

It has experts in appraisal and negotiation and special geographical information software created for the expropriation process.

During the implementation of the EFMA, there were more than 13,000 expropriation processes covering an area of more than 31,000 ha.

These are its main activities:

  • Recognition and characterisation of areas for expropriation or compensation
  • Preparation of appraisal bases
  • Appraisal of expropriation areas
  • Assessment of losses or damage caused
  • Preparation of processes for declarations of public use
  • Negotiation of compensation
  • Signing of deeds or amicable expropriation documents
  • All legal procedures for takeover of land
  • Monitoring of lawsuits
  • Monitoring of situations resulting from works

EDIA has an outside service department whose main clients are Simarsul, S.A., Águas de Santo André, S.A. and Águas Públicas do Alentejo, S.A.