As manager of the Alqueva Multi-purpose Undertaking, EDIA fosters monitoring programmes and is responsible for the following activities:
  • Implementation and operation of new climatologic and hydrometric stations as part of management of the EFMA
  • Monitoring of the status of surface and underground water during the construction and operation of the undertaking.


The purpose of monitoring bodies of water is:
  • To assess the suitability of the water in transit in the system and its adaptability to the uses set out in the concession contract between the state and EDIA
  • To include monitoring provisions from laws on EDIA's responsibilities
  • To gather data for decision-making in management and operation of the EFMA
  • To assess the efficacy of ecological flows and other mitigating measures
  • To safeguard EDIA from the responsibility of a possible deterioration in water quality due to actions by third parties
  • To assess the potential impacts of the transfer of water between the Loureiro and Alvito reservoirs
  • To assess the potential impacts of agricultural runoff on surface and underground water resources
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